11 Healthy Snacks for When You’re Feeling Hangry


11 Healthy Snacks for When You’re Feeling Hangry

Be prepared for your 3 pm snack attack with healthy recipes that pack in protein and flavour.

A 2014 study confirmed what most of us already know: being hungry can turn even the gentlest soul into an irrational grouch. When 107 married couples had their moods monitored for three weeks, researchers found that low blood sugar levels predicted greater anger and aggression.
Don’t take your hunger out on loved ones, co-workers, or random strangers. These recipes can easily be made ahead of time and tossed in your bag, so you’ll always have a stash of strategic snacks.

1. Lemon-Lime Coconut Bursts

Energy bites are the new darling of the snacking world (don’t worry granola bars, we still love you). This recipe uses fibre-filled nuts to promote satiety and nutrient-dense dates to promote deliciousness. Plus, the citrus flavour is an instant cure for midmorning fatigue.

 2. Cookie Dough Hummus

Bliss. That’s the only way to describe raw, protein-packed vegan cookie dough you can actually feel good about eating. Chickpeas are the secret here, blended with almond butter and coconut oil to create a sweet hummus dotted with chocolate chips.

3. Hidden Greens Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

We don’t usually advocate “hiding” vegetables—greens are delicious!—but you really can’t taste the avocado and spinach in this smoothie. If you’re craving a chocolate milkshake, look no further.

4. Firecracker Popcorn and Crispy Chickpeas

E-news-Jan19-Healthy snacks-PopcornThe ultimate crunchy combo, popcorn and roasted chickpeas get a spicy makeover with Japanese-style seasoning. Although popcorn can be too light and airy to serve as a satisfying snack, chickpeas add a hit of plant-based protein.

5. Homemade Chocolate Bar

Chocolate cravings are serious business. With decadent cocoa butter, maple syrup, and raw cocoa powder, this dairy-free, DIY chocolate bar delivers. A touch of Himalayan sea salt is the perfect finishing touch.

6. Protein-Packed Hemp Granola

This lightly sweetened granola is good all on its own. For bonus points, serve over plain Greek yogurt. A 2014 study showed that high-protein snacks like Greek yogurt do the best job of reducing calorie intake later in the day. Sadly, the study found that energy-dense, high-fat snacks like chocolate and crackers are less satiating.

7. Chocolate Dipped Grapes

Only four ingredients are needed to make this sweet and simple dessert. Make a couple of batches, and you’ll have heart-healthy, succulent snacks for ages.

8. Sticky Fruit and Oat Squares

DIY granola bars are surprisingly quick and easy. These fruit-studded squares are free of dairy and gluten, and they can be frozen for up to three months.

9. Parmesan Kale Chips

E-news-Jan19-Healthy snacks-Kale Chips
No list of healthy snacks would be complete without kale chips. Make movie night way better with this addictive recipe, which requires just three ingredients: kale, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese.

10. Moroccan-Spiced Parsnip Fries

You can’t go wrong with homemade fries. Like potatoes—and most other root veggies—parsnips taste magical when dusted with spices and roasted.

11. Almond Butter Banana Truffles

Do you have dates, almond butter, and a banana in your kitchen? Then you probably have everything needed to make these tasty morsels. They come loaded with protein, potassium, magnesium, and complex carbs—perfect for fueling your workout. (Or your movie night. Whichever.)


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