Environmental law group rates Canada's drinking water


Environmental law group rates Canada\'s drinking water

According to Ecojustice, drinking water quality varies enormously depending on where you live. Find out how your water rates and what to do about it!

The Canadian environmental law group Ecojustice recently released Canada’s third report card rating the drinking water quality for each province or territory in their report entitled “Waterproof 3.” Overall, the federal government was given an “F” for failing to protect Canadians.

It turns out that drinking water quality varies enormously depending on where you live. How does your water rate?

  • British Columbia: C+
  • Alberta: C-
  • Saskatchewan: B-
  • Manitoba: B+
  • Ontario: A
  • Quebec: B-
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: B
  • Prince Edward Island: B-
  • Nova Scotia: A-
  • New Brunswick: B+
  • Yukon: D+
  • Northwest Territories: C
  • Nunavut: D

The group calls for national standards, ensuring excellent drinking water regardless of where in Canada you live. According to Ecojustice, letter grades were chosen based on treatment and testing standards, source water protection efforts, planning for the future, and accountability and transparency to the public.

Other issues that can harm drinking water include the oil extraction method hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and unsatisfactory sewage treatment. While concern over the water quality of Canada’s Great Lakes has been contended for years, there are still many unsolved problems.

What can you do to protect Canada’s drinking water?

  • Sign the Ecojustice petition to protect our national drinking water.
  • Write a letter to your MP and local politicians, asking them to protect your drinking water.
  • Learn about the different water filtration methods and if you should invest in a water purification system. 


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