Kitchen Corner: Dos and Don'ts for Specialized Diets

Vegan, paleo, and celiac, oh my! Planning a dinner party can quickly turn into an ingredient minefield. This handy guide takes the stress out of entertaining.Having folks over for dinner is a fantasti

Is Lectin-free the New Gluten-free?

\"\"Grains and beans are high in lectins, until they\'re properly cooked. syolacan/Getty ImagesThree-time Grammy winning a

How to Succeed at Intermittent Fasting

\"\"The 16:8 version of IF involves eating all your calories in just an eight-hour period. lacaosa/Getty ImagesFrom Atkin

Special K Diet: What You Need to Know

\"\"A bowl -- well actually two - of Special K a day just might keep unwanted pounds away. See more weight loss tips pictu

Hold the Gluten? Here’s Why That May Not Be a Good...

\"\"Gluten-free products can be found on store shelves nearly everywhere now. But what goes in when gluten comes out? Jeff

LA Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

\"\"On the LA Weight Loss plan, you\'ll reduce fat and sugar intake while eating more fruits and veggies.iStockphoto/Thinks

NutriSystem Diet: : What You Need to Know

\"\"Bananas, for example, are considered good carbs. See more weight loss tips ShannonA diet

The Keto Craze: Does the Diet Live Up to the Hype?

\"\"The keto diet, which promotes high protein and little to no carbs, tricks your body into burning fat instead of carbs

Flat Belly Diet: What You Need to Know

\"\"Could a diet alone help you achieve a flat stomach? See more weight loss tips RogersSom

Zone Diet: What You Need to Know

\"\"The zone diet is all about moderation. See more weight loss tips pictures.Nicholas Eveleigh/Photodisc/Getty Images­The

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