Holiday Appetizers

These holiday appetizers look elegant, but they\'re made with whole food ingredients that make them as healthy as they are attractive.Entertaining during the holiday season doesn’t have to mean loading

10 Delicious Ways to Cook Sweet Potato

This root vegetable is versatile, nutritious, and tastes amazing. You\'ll want to make these sweet potato recipes right away.Perfect for fall recipes, sweet potato is a culinary and nutritional gem. Th

Veggie Noodles

No longer reduced to mere toppings, veggies take centre stage in these vibrant, flavonoid-filled \"noodle\" recipes. Arm yourself with a mandolin, julienne cutter, or spiralizer to find out how almost a

Dinner Worthy Quesadillas

With a little imagination and some wholesome ingredients, the classic cheese-laden quesadilla can take on an entirely new persona. Using ingredients from shrimp to kimchi, these gourmet commestibles a

Trace the Spice Route

If a late-night wander through a hazy, heady North African market isn\'t in the cards for this evening, cooking with Moroccan spices may just be the next best thing. A visit from the bold stars of the

Craving Crostini

Gussy up the much-underrated piece of toast by turning into a crostini. With an endless variety of delicious ingredients to use as toppings, you have an easy and elegant Mother\'s Day appetizer.With Mo

Hold the Boring Bread

Loafing to make a change? Turning a sandwich into a salad is a fun alternative to the lunchtime classic—not to mention a great way to ramp up your vegetable intake. The next time you\'re reaching for t

Go Wild

Healthy and sustainable, wild salmon is truly a West Coast treasure. Whatever cut you buy, the succulent pink flesh deserves to be treated like gold. The following recipes will have you on your way to

5 Canadian Superfoods

Quinoa grows in Canada? It sure does, and so do pulses, Camelina sativa, wild rice, and hemp. Get to know these five great Canadian superfoods—there\'s never been a better tine to appreciate the True N

Cancer-Fighting Foods

Nourishing foods provide crucial ammunition in the fight against cancer. However, fuelling up with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables doesn\'t mean having to forgo delectable dinners. If cancer tre

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