12 Ways to Make Chickpeas Taste Amazing

Think all beans are blah and boring? Think again.There’s probably a can of chickpeas—AKA garbanzo beans—in your cupboard. (Unless you’re one of those fancy people who like to cook your own chickpeas f

6 Tips For Making Your 2019 Nutrition Goals Stick

Resolutions are great in theory. However, in reality, the motivation to fulfill grand hopes and wishes fades fast. While motivation starts high and 77% of resolution makers stick with it for the

This Is What Happens When You Don’t Eat After A Workout

Most nutritionists recommend eating something within 30 minutes after a workout. Your body, after using up its available energy, needs to be refueled. Specifically with carbs and protein—for ene

Sweet Potatoes are Your Fueling Secret Weapon

Unlike that packaged sugary stuff that’s been marketed to us to slurp down on rides, the trusty sweet potato has been a tasty, all-natural way to fuel adventures for generations. This nutrient-d

Snack Attack

When you crave a sweet or savoury treat, grab one of these delicious make-ahead healthy snacks.We’ve all been there, when hunger hits hard and you need a snack now. To prevent reaching for empty conve

Lunchbox Revolution

Tired of the same old sandwich? Jazz up your kids\' (or your own) lunches with these healthy creative lunch ideas.It might be said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when it come

6 Ways to Make Mighty Oats Work for You

Think oats are just for breakfast? Think again. Not only does the mighty oat power up breakfast, but it also stars in lunches, dinners, treats—and even in your bath! A comfort food that’s also a prove

6 Tips to Manage Post-Run Hunger

Running is an easy way to be active, as all it really takes is a pair of shoes, and you’re ready to go. For this reason, many people desiring to lose weight often try running as a way to acceler

An RD Picks the Best Bars For Fitness Fueling

Fitness buffs love bars — granola bars, protein bars, energy bars, snack bars and meal-replacement bars are all frequently consumed by on-the-move athletes. About 99% of the reason is due to the

Boost Your Gut Health, Boost Your Performance

Gut health is getting a lot of attention these days and for good reason. There are roughly 10 times more bacteria than cells in your body and an estimated 400 different types of bacteria in the

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