The Beginners Guide to Fueling for a Half-Marathon

You’ve been running for a little while now and things are going well. You’ve increased your mileage, maybe even run a 5K and actually enjoyed it. Now you’ve officially been bitten by the runni

8 Easy And Creative Ways To Add More Protein To Your...

When prepared deliciously, salads are the best. They’re often loaded with fibrous veggies and packed with other nutrients, while being totally low in both calories and carbs. The only thing that

The Best Snacks To Eat After Strength Training

After you finish working out, your body is in a state of recovery. You probably feel tired, and that’s because you are tired. Your muscles are minutely injured, and any energy and nutrients your

5 Must-Know Myths About Carb-Loading

For runners, swimmers, cyclists and racers alike, carb-loading is the highlight of a long and tiring training plan. All yumminess aside, carb-loading fuels performance, helping you go harder and

This Is What Happens When You Don’t Eat After A Workout

Most nutritionists recommend eating something within 30 minutes after a workout. Your body, after using up its available energy, needs to be refueled. Specifically with carbs and protein—for ene

8 Post-Workout Snacks Registered Dietitians Love

After a workout is the time to recharge. You’ve literally worked your butt off (well, not literally, but it feels like it). Your energy is gone, and your body is caput. You need nutrients to hel

The 7 High-Protein Ingredients R.D.s Always Have in Their Kitchens

Properly stocking your kitchen is the first step towards healthier eating habits. Because when your fridge, freezer, and pantry are packed with good-for-you ingredients, delicious and nutritious

How to Fuel Your Run and Still Lose Weight

Getting into the swing of a new running routine can have some expected side effects: sore muscles, a hankering for fresh new gear and a new-found hatred for that pre-dawn wakeup call. But you mi

These Sports Nutritionists Say It’s OK to Eat Pie

It’s that time of year: Pie season. Almost 20% of all pie eating in the U.S. occurs during the holidays, according to one report. That adds up to approximately 50 million pumpkin pies just at Th

Convenient Cooking Hack: Rice Cooker Oatmeal

Oatmeal isn’t the hardest thing in the world to make, but, some mornings, those few extra minutes of stirring and attention that it requires are the difference between having a warm breakfast or

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