Cancer-Fighting Foods

Nourishing foods provide crucial ammunition in the fight against cancer. However, fuelling up with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables doesn\'t mean having to forgo delectable dinners. If cancer tre

Why You’re Not Hungry After Working Out

If you ever finish a tough workout and feel like eating is the last thing on your mind, you’re not alone. Having a decreased appetite after exercise is clinically known as exercise-induced anore

Zone Diet: What You Need to Know

\"\"The zone diet is all about moderation. See more weight loss tips pictures.Nicholas Eveleigh/Photodisc/Getty Images­The

5 Canadian Superfoods

Quinoa grows in Canada? It sure does, and so do pulses, Camelina sativa, wild rice, and hemp. Get to know these five great Canadian superfoods—there\'s never been a better tine to appreciate the True N

Nutrition “Mistakes” Athletes Should Make

Forget what you think you know about the rules of nutrition, sometimes there are nutrition ‘mistakes’ you should be making. When you are eating to improve fitness and athletic performance, gener

SoLo GI Nutrition gets the Recognition it Deserves!

This year\'s alive Award silver winner of the Consumers’ Choice Best Fitness and Weight Management Product is SoLo GI\'s line of satiating, delicious energy bars.At alive, we’ve always been eager to sha

5 Things Every Plant-Based Athlete Should Address

Plant-based diets are popular for a number of reasons: environmental, ethical and health to name a few. Sure, these diets revolve around plants which contain a large amount of fiber, vitamins, m

Kitchen Corner: Curious about Cactus?

Don’t wuss away from cactus. Scary-looking cactus leaves are as yummy and versatile as a green bean, but don’t hold back any punches when it comes to nutrition.Are you afraid to pick up cactus? Don’t

Spicy Pumpkin Seed + Cashew Crunch

Adding just a little texture to your meals can make all the difference, especially when the texture adds flavor and a little excitement to an ordinary salad, grain bowl or snack. Nuts and seeds

Homemade Ice Cream

Nothing says summer like a heaping scoop of chocolate-chip cookie dough in a waffle cone. Although it takes a little longer than lining up at your local shop, making homemade ice cream allows you to n

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