Slow Down and Just Smell the Coffee

The majority of people today unwittingly exacerbate their stress response by consuming too many caffeinated beverages-especially coffee.Don’t you wish sometimes that you had a shut-off switch for dema

More Than Minerals

We need certain minerals to build and maintain bones. Calcium is the headliner, of course, while magnesium takes second billing. Silicon, boron, and selenium help boost bone mineral density while zinc

Holy Traffic Jam!

Your six-year-old dawdled all morning and now you’re stuck in traffic, late for an important meeting. Your heart pumps, your adrenals churn out that stress-induced villain, cortisol, aided by that dou

Ironing Out Deficiencies

Feeling too exhausted to get off the couch? Catching every cold that’s going around? If you’re a woman, you could be iron deficient.Feeling too exhausted to get off the couch? Catching every cold that

Varicose Veins

I was sitting and chatting with my friend Tania, when she suddenly interrupted me. \"You shouldn’t sit like that you know,\" she said, pointing at my crossed legs. \"You’re going to give yourself varicos

Summer Detox

Summer is a wonderful time to start a detox diet. With the arrival of warm weather along with organic fresh fruit and vegetables, it is much easier to detoxify.Summer is a wonderful time to start a de

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