Wildlife Wednesday: Fishing Cat

We all know that cats hate water, but it seems that these water-loving felines didn’t get the memo! On this Wildlife Wednesday, we learn about fishing cats.It’s common knowledge that cats don’t like w

Skin Care Solutions

From acne to wrinkles, every age has its unique set of skin challenges. Thankfully, we can get glowing skin at any age.Countless teenagers dream of acne-free complexions, while 40-year-olds might crin

Wildlife Wednesday: Bongo

No, we’re not talking about the drums - we’re talking about the masked antelope that roams Africa’s forests. On this Wildlife Wednesday, we learn about the bongo.No, we’re not talking about the drums—

Wildlife Wednesday: Eurasian Beavers

Did you know that our dam-building neighbours have German (and French, Italian, and Russian) speaking cousins? On this Wildlife Wednesday, let’s learn about the Eurasian beaver.They may be the butt en

Cold Weather

Cold weather can mean aches and pains. But there\'s no need to hibernate! Ease the pain naturally with these tips.Love it or hate it, cold winter weather for many people means aches and pains. Instead

Wildlife Wednesday: Holly

That’s right - on this Wildlife Wednesday, we’re learning about that plant whose boughs we used to deck the halls: holly.We’ve seen the cards and heard (and sung) the carols about this prickly and pre

Wildlife Wednesday: Mouflon

If your toes are snug within wool socks and you received yet another itchy sweater over the holidays, then you have mouflons to thank!If your toes are snug within wool socks this winter and you receiv

Wildlife Wednesday: Jaguar

These spotted predators are the largest cats in the Western hemisphere - so it comes as no surprise that people have been fascinated by them for centuries.These spotted predators are the largest cats

Top 5 Natural Health Trends for 2015

The Canadian Health Food Association has just released their 2015 list of natural health trends - so let’s make this year the healthiest one yet!With 2014 officially a thing of the past, many of us ar

Winterproof Your Hair

Dry, frizzy, brittle hair? Ah, wintertime. Learn how to coax your locks into submission, naturally.Dry, frizzy, brittle hair? Ah, it must be winter again. But while many of us battle with unmanageable

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