What Style of Yoga is Right for You?

Think of yoga as a \"choose your own adventure\" book. Determine your goal, and then choose the yoga style that’s best for you.Is getting in shape one of your New Year’s resolutions? What about being mo


We all love it, but how healthy is chocolate, really? We explore the health pros and cons of this delicious treat.Chocolate has been called the food of the gods, though we tend to think of it more as

Wildlife Wednesday: Blacktip Reef Shark

Let’s take a deep breath, lift our chins, and fish out some interesting facts about blacktip reef sharks.Although they’re definitely not as big as Jaws, the sight of one of these guys (or gals) near a

Saunas & Spas

Need an excuse to book an appointment? Saunas and spas offer a host of health, beauty, and wellness benefits.Warming up and rejuvenating in a sauna or spa sounds like the perfect antidote to snowy or

Wildlife Wednesday: Golden Parakeet

No, Big Bird never had any little brothers or sisters (that we know of, at least). Golden parakeets are real - and really brightly coloured!No, no one’s showing anyone how to get to Sesame Street, and

Where Have All the Monarchs Gone?

Learn about monarch butterflies, their amazing migration, why they\'re struggling, and what we can do to help protect them.Monarch butterflies are a tropical species, and like other tropical insects, t

5 Awesome Reasons to Join alive Listens

Why join alive Listens, our exclusive online community? We’ll share the top 5 reasons!Have you heard about our exclusive online community alive Listens? Maybe you’ve considered joining, or perhaps you

Exfoliate for Your Skin Type

Exfoliating your skin can be a great way to remove dead skin cells, boost radiance and brighten your complexion, and improve the texture of your skin. Find out how to get started!Exfoliating your skin

Wildlife Wednesday: Grey Wolf

They may look a bit like a husky, but these powerful predators are a far cry from their domesticated cousins.They may look quite a bit like a German shepherd or a husky, but these powerful predators a

Wildlife Wednesday: Utah Prairie Dog

Trouble began for these little prairie dogs way back in the 1920s. Find out why they’re still trying to dig their way out almost 100 years later.What’s behind a name? In this case, the first pioneers

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