Wildlife Wednesday: Amur Leopard

If you’ve ever thought that leopards are gazelle-chasing, savannah-loving Africa natives, then you’ve never heard of Amur leopards.If you’ve ever thought that leopards are gazelle-chasing, savannah-lo

Wildlife Wednesday: Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat

They may look like the roly-poly pigs, but they’re more closely related to koalas. On this Wildlife Wednesday, we dig up some details about northern hairy-nosed wombats.They may look like the cutest r

Ready to Walk to School?

This October is International Walk to School Month. Join parents and students all over the world as they park the car and grab a comfy set of sneakers instead!This October, parents all over the world

Wildlife Wednesday: Sumatran Orangutan

The native peoples of Indonesia and Malaysia call them \"orang hutan,\" meaning \"person of the forest.\" Learn why these \"people\" need our help.While we know these gentle apes as orangutans, the native p

Wildlife Wednesday: Utah Prairie Dog

Trouble began for these little prairie dogs way back in the 1920s. Find out why they’re still trying to dig their way out almost 100 years later.What’s behind a name? In this case, the first pioneers

Develop an attitude of gratitude

Gratitude has positive impacts on our health and well-being. Grateful people feel less aggression, less hurt feelings, and are less sensitive overall.Though people have an almost infinite capacity for

Going to the Dogs

Wanted: one cute, cuddly pet willing to work long hours and share the love around the office.Pet-friendly workplaces are on the rise, with many businesses following the lead of Google, Amazon, and oth

Dishing Up the Dirt About Compost – Additional Resources

Want to learn more?For more information on composting, check out these additional resources: The Rodale Book of Composting (Rodale Books, 1992) by Grace Gershuny and Deborah L. MartinCompost Council o

You’re Super!

We now know that good nutrition is the fundamental building block for a healthy body. But to be clear from the start: the most super way to add body-benefitting foods to your diet is through items tha

Fitness Tech

If you think fitness technology means machines you find in gyms, think again. A variety of gadgets and apps can help you track your workouts and monitor your health.Undoubtedly, you’ve heard the catch

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