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Pumpkin Recycling

Jack-o’-lanterns are everywhere this time of year. But what do you do with them once Halloween is over?Now that jack-o’-lantern time is over, what do you do with those giant creepy faces?Turn them int

Wildlife Wednesday: Fossa

Parents and Madagascar fans might be familiar with these ferocious predators … On this Wildlife Wednesday, we learn about fossas!Parents and Madagascar fans might be familiar with these ferocious pred

These Diets are Still Popular in 2021

Many of us want to shift our focus to lighter foods and healthier eating habits. But with so many dietary options to choose from, where’s a person to start? To help select the best diet for you, here’

Healing Gardens

Gardens are more than just a patch of flowers and veggies. Research shows that spending time in a garden can nourish our souls and boost our physical health, particularly for those undergoing medical

Noise Pollution

We all know about the dangers of environmental pollution—but what about noise pollution? Noise caused by construction, traffic, trains, and airplanes can negatively impact our health. Read on to find

Wildlife Wednesday: Golden Lion Tamarin

These squirrel-sized monkeys may not be big, but they certainly get your attention! On this Wildlife Wednesday, we learn about the golden lion tamarin.These squirrel-sized vine swingers may not be the

You’re Super!

We now know that good nutrition is the fundamental building block for a healthy body. But to be clear from the start: the most super way to add body-benefitting foods to your diet is through items tha

-20 & Snowing?

Yes, you can winterize your bike and ride it all year long! Learn these tips for safe cycling.Below-freezing temperatures, snow-covered roads, and wind chill may not seem like ideal conditions for rid

Environmental law group rates Canada's drinking water

According to Ecojustice, drinking water quality varies enormously depending on where you live. Find out how your water rates and what to do about it!The Canadian environmental law group Ecojustice rec

8 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day’s a great time to jumpstart some of those green habits you’ve been meaning to adopt but never got around to. April 22 is Earth Day. Celebrated around the world, more than a billion people ta

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