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10 Tips to Help Fit in Fitness Every Day!

It’s not always easy to fit time for a full workout into your busy day; however, there are ways you can fit fitness into your day, even if you forgo the gym.Sometimes, getting through the day (between

Tsunami Debris Sparks Concerns Over Invasive Species

A large concrete dock, replete with its own living ecosystem, has arrived on the shores of Oregon from Japan. Biologists worry about invasive species risk.A large concrete dock that has recently arriv

Be a Virtual Volunteer

Volunteering can be very rewarding; just ask the 13 million Canadians who participate in charitable activities. If you’ve ever wanted to volunteer, but time, mobility, or other barriers have kept you

Another reason to avoid farmed fish

Increased fish farming is straining conventional feed ingredients. Will reliance on pesticide-laced vegetable feed instead lead to possible pesticide residue in fish?As if we needed one more reason to

Put Food Waste on the Chopping Block

In Canada, we throw away more food per year than sub-Saharan Africa produces. This figure may seem shocking, but there\'s no denying the cost of food waste—nearly $31 billion a year. Learn more about t

Indoor Pollution

How healthy is the air in your home? Indoor air pollution raises the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular problems in adults and kids.Most people think of their home as their oasis, a protected spac

Studying with Joyful Intention

Children have a natural curiosity. They’re built to learn. So, even during challenging—pandemic—times, we can help them create the right conditions for, and remove obvious obstacles from, getting the

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline

Chances are, you\'ve heard some of the debate surrounding the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. These two parallel pipelines would span 1,177 km, carrying hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil and

Knee-Strengthening Exercises

Forget the human condition—knee pain is the one unifying force that most of us have experienced on some level. A sprain, a twist, a dislocation, a bruise; certain acute injuries are unavoidable. But m

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