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10 Minute Exercises, No Excuses!

Too busy, too tired, too stressed...these are all common excuses when it comes to blowing off a workout. Unfortunately, these justifications mean nothing for our health. You don\'t need to run a marath

Organic and Biodynamic Farming

As a savvy consumer, you’re probably seeking out healthier foods. Eco-friendly agriculture—such as flourishing organic and fertile biodynamic farms—provides healthier foods while protecting the natura

Join the Blue Dot Movement

The Blue Dot Movement protects our right to a healthy environment. Discover the work it\'s doing, and how you can help.When I was a child, summer vacation meant jumping in my family’s white Volkswagen

Thinking Bee

Giving bees a friendly living space helps to preserve their dwindling populations and inspires them to look after your plants. A happy garden buzzing with little pollinators? Now that sounds bee-eauti

A Good Read

Why read a book when you could marathon The Mindy Project and conduct a “how savouring eight squares of dark chocolate reduces stress” case study? Research credits reading with a lot: everything from

Put Food Waste on the Chopping Block

In Canada, we throw away more food per year than sub-Saharan Africa produces. This figure may seem shocking, but there\'s no denying the cost of food waste—nearly $31 billion a year. Learn more about t

Top 5 Natural Health Trends for 2015

The Canadian Health Food Association has just released their 2015 list of natural health trends - so let’s make this year the healthiest one yet!With 2014 officially a thing of the past, many of us ar

COVID-19 and Canada’s Food System

When the COVID-19 crisis hit Canada in early 2020, Arzeena Hamir, owner of Amara Farms, a small organic fruit and vegetable farm in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, knew there would be tough time

Mental Health and COVID-19: Finding Your Calm In The Storm

With a pandemic, social unrest, political divisiveness, and environmental disasters dominating headlines, we all want to find the shred of good news buried in our newsfeeds. But logging in every day t

Ways to Conquer and Rise Above Stress During the Holidays

The holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, yet they can also be among the most stressful. So many social and family obligations on top of day-to-day and work demands can make even the me

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