Kitchen Corner: Water – how much we need and how to...

What helps with metabolism, digestion, clear skin, focus, and organ detoxification? Water. Yep, just water.Okay foodies and kitchen gadget junkies, water isn’t the most glamorous and inspirational Kit

An ND explains the science of collagen

You’ve heard you should consume collagen daily, but have you heard of hydroxyproline? Hydroxyproline is at the heart of what makes collagen so important. Here’s why. Collagen is a structural protein.


Ho, Ho, Ho…

Protect Your Skin

When the weather outside is frightful, the last thing we want is skin to match. Read on for tips to protect your skin from the harsh winter elements.Cold weather, low humidity, and sun exposure all pl

Crazy for Kebabs

A global staple, kebabs are as versatile as they are delicious. Whether you\'re dressing them up for a black-tie dinner or dressing them down for a backyard barbecue, these sublime skewers recipes are

Beauty Facts and Myths

If you don\'t have flawless skin or an hourglass figure, don\'t worry. The science behind the \"beauty is in the eye of the beholder\" cliché may surprise you.If you don’t have flawless skin or an hourgla

Ask the RD: Should You Cut Calories When You’re Injured?

When an injury occurs, it takes time for your appetite to adjust to reduced activity. This is when people make the common mistake of second-guessing how many calories to consume. Rather than foc

8 Healthy Whole Foods That Could Slow Weight Loss

Eating mostly whole foods in lieu of processed ones is a common weight-loss and maintenance strategy. And it’s a good one, because fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and lean proteins are likely to

Ask the RD: What are the Best Foods to Buy on a Tight Budget?

You may have to get creative with fewer ingredients, but eating nutritious foods at low prices is possible whether you shop at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or Walmart. The key is creating a meal pl
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Bright Light at Night Could Harm Your Metabolism, According to Science

You know regular exercise, quality sleep, drinking plenty of water and eating a well-balanced diet can boost metabolism, helping burn more calories and move the needle on the scale. But research

How Working Out Supports Your Immune System

Given the current world climate, boosting the immune system is top-of-mind for many people. The truth is, immunity depends on many factors. Some you have control over, and others you don’t. But

Give Dry Skin the Brush Off

Mid-winter and my skin felt so dry and rough, I was starting to feel like an armadillo. I was advised that a dry brushing treatment was just what I needed.Mid-winter and my skin felt so dry and rough,

6 Tips For Making Your 2019 Nutrition Goals Stick

Resolutions are great in theory. However, in reality, the motivation to fulfill grand hopes and wishes fades fast. While motivation starts high and 77% of resolution makers stick with it for the

The Science of Feeling Great

Most people think of their metabolism as affecting their ability to gain or lose weight. But our metabolism also affects mood and the way we feel. The truth of the matter is that we feel our best when

Antiaging or Healthy Aging?

With the growing number of baby boomers entering their golden years, interest in antiaging is at an all-time high. Although we may not be able to stop the aging process, healthy aging can help minimiz

5 Things to do Every Night to Fuel Weight Loss

Ask an expert or anyone, and they will agree there’s no secret fast track to long-term weight loss. It requires consistency, dedication and having faith in the idea each good decision and habit

Should You Add Running to Your Walking Workouts?

Walking can be a great (and easy) way to start a daily exercise routine to aid weight loss and improve health. While there are plenty of ways to progress your walking workouts, one way to up you

The 7 High-Protein Ingredients R.D.s Always Have in Their Kitchens

Properly stocking your kitchen is the first step towards healthier eating habits. Because when your fridge, freezer, and pantry are packed with good-for-you ingredients, delicious and nutritious

More Than Minerals

We need certain minerals to build and maintain bones. Calcium is the headliner, of course, while magnesium takes second billing. Silicon, boron, and selenium help boost bone mineral density while zinc

5 Ways Walkers Can Strengthen Their Arms

Walking is a great total-body workout. But for those who specifically want better arm strength, it’s not always clear how to accomplish that during regular walking sessions. Take a cue from thes

Wheat Grass

Wheat grass is a powerhouse of nutrients and vitamins for the human body, as well. In the form of fresh juice, it has high concentrations of chlorophyll, active enzymes, carotene vitamins, minerals, a

Ways to Conquer and Rise Above Stress During the Holidays

The holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, yet they can also be among the most stressful. So many social and family obligations on top of day-to-day and work demands can make even the me

You Can Still Glam Up

Even though the holidays may look a bit different this year—RIP, big, fancy parties—there’s no reason you can’t dress up, pamper yourself, and experiment with makeup. And yes: The glam makeup looks th

The Ins and Outs of Muscle Soreness and Recovery

Few things feel more rewarding than finishing a workout. But just because you’ve stopped running, lifting or HIIT-ing doesn’t mean your body is done working. In fact, while you’re getting into t


Where Have All the Monarchs Gone?

Learn about monarch butterflies, their amazing migration, why they\'re struggling, and what we can do to help protect them.Monarch butterflies are a tropical species, and like other tropical insects, t


Sing For Your Life

Studies show that singing in a choir can provide psychological, social, and physical health benefits.Singers get it—a sense of well-being as words and music fill the air. Choral singers amplify it, vo

Ask the RD: Is There a Diet to Lower Triglycerides?

Triglycerides and cholesterol levels are often measured and reported together in a lipid profile when you visit your doctor. But they’re actually quite different. Triglycerides are a form of fat

5 Lessons I’ve Learned Keeping Off a 70-Pound Weight Loss

Life these days looks a lot different than it did back in 2007. For starters, back then I was finishing up my freshman year of college in Connecticut, I was also wearing way too much makeup, and

Avoid Holiday Overindulgence

Highly viscous soluble dietary fibres (plant-derived polysaccharides) help people achieve and maintain their ideal body weight. It slows stomach emptying, produces a sensation of being full, and exert