Organic and Biodynamic Farming

As a savvy consumer, you’re probably seeking out healthier foods. Eco-friendly agriculture—such as flourishing organic and fertile biodynamic farms—provides healthier foods while protecting the natura

Healing Gardens

Gardens are more than just a patch of flowers and veggies. Research shows that spending time in a garden can nourish our souls and boost our physical health, particularly for those undergoing medical

Put Food Waste on the Chopping Block

In Canada, we throw away more food per year than sub-Saharan Africa produces. This figure may seem shocking, but there\'s no denying the cost of food waste—nearly $31 billion a year. Learn more about t

Returning to Learning

Returning to the halls of formal learning can be intimidating for mature students. But more and more older students are switching career paths, learning new skills, or pursuing their dreams.September

Become a Citizen Scientist

Grab your smartphone, hoist your binoculars, and observe the natural world around you. You can be a boots-on-the-ground observer/data collector for a local research project.There are scientists among

Soak Up Serenity

A hard day at work, a stressful meeting, screaming kids ... all wonderful reasons to pamper yourself with a relaxing soak. Discover the delights of a bathing experience enhanced with natural soothing

Polar Bear Swims

While many people sleep in on New Year\'s morning or nurse a pounding headache, some brave (think crazy?) souls are jumping in frigid lakes, rivers, and oceans ... just because they can. If a polar bea

Reduce Your Christmas Waste

Canadians use six million rolls of tape to wrap up Christmas presents, and that\'s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to holiday waste. Learn how to celebrate responsibly by making it a green Ch

DIY Bar Soap

This Mother\'s Day, give mom an innovative gift that will both pamper and entertain. Making DIY soap is a fun bonding activity with endless options for customization. Find out how you can start blendin

Thinking Bee

Giving bees a friendly living space helps to preserve their dwindling populations and inspires them to look after your plants. A happy garden buzzing with little pollinators? Now that sounds bee-eauti

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