Ways to Simplify Your Diet For a Performance Boost

Athletes are inundated with information on how to train and recover; they don’t need the added pressure of dietary information overload. Food choices affect performance, but too often we get cau

When Should You Skip That Pre-Workout Snack?

As a sports dietitian, the question “Should I eat before working out?” is one I get on an almost daily basis. Like many questions about fueling, the answer isn’t straightforward; it depends on t

The Performance Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

One diet continuously tops the list when it comes to researched health benefits: the Mediterranean diet. While labeled a ‘diet’ in mainstream media, this is not about restriction. The word ‘diet

Is Sport Food Junk or Does it Enhance Performance?

It seems like an easy choice: If you want to perform well, grab some sport food to fuel your training. Sport foods are bars, drinks, meals and gels specifically designed and packaged to provide

Why You’re Not Hungry After Working Out

If you ever finish a tough workout and feel like eating is the last thing on your mind, you’re not alone. Having a decreased appetite after exercise is clinically known as exercise-induced anore

Why Calorie Counting Is a Complex Formula

Consuming foods that supply calories is essential for supplying the body with energy to perform the basic functions of life such as keeping a heart beating and everything up to and including run

It’s About Thyme

It\'s about time you discovered the health benefits of thyme. Besides its anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties, it adds subtle flavour to a variety of delicious dishes.The Rolling Stones had it

Loaded Potatoes

Transform the everyday spud from lacklustre to centre stage-worthy. These loaded potatoes deliver the goods, both in taste and nutrition. In the world of vegetables, potatoes can be perceived as a lit

SoLo GI Nutrition gets the Recognition it Deserves!

This year\'s alive Award silver winner of the Consumers’ Choice Best Fitness and Weight Management Product is SoLo GI\'s line of satiating, delicious energy bars.At alive, we’ve always been eager to sha

Time-restricted Eaters Lose Weight Even Without Changing Diet

\"\"You can eat what you like (even this goofy pancake) and still lose weight, as long as you restrict your window of eati

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