MyFitnessPal Summer Shape-up Meal Plan – Part 2

As promised, here is the second half of our summer meal plan featuring some delicious, nutritious dinner and snack options for you. Remember to download the printable meal plan, when you have a

17 Mid-Run Snacks to Improve Your Marathon

The feeling of a long run is primal and transcendent, but so is that all-consuming, knee-trembling feeling of hunger and nausea that makes you desperate for food —while also questioning your abi

Should I Eat Before My Morning Workout?

Morning workouts aren’t for everyone, but for those of us who love them (or just love to get them over with early in the day!), deciding whether to eat breakfast before or after is a pretty comm

Is Caffeine the Secret to Rocking Your Next Sweat Session?

You’ve known it all along: A grande skim latte has superpowers. But new science says the magic exercise elixir might not be quite as magical as we thought. We break down the buzz. Exercise can f

Why “Exercise Snacks” Might Be the Next Big Thing For Health...

Next time you’re contemplating an all-out, 60-minute spin class, consider this: It may be the toughest workout on Earth—but it might not offer optimal health benefits, at least in terms of blood

4 Things You Need to Know About Post-Workout Nutrition

After finishing up a session in the gym, your next step should be tending to your post-workout nutrition. Hands down, this is the most important time to eat during any workout day. Even more imp

Why Runners Need Carbs

You’ve laced up your running shoes, fired up your tunes and are ready to nail your run. But did you remember to get your carbs in? Yes, they get a lot of flack in certain circles, but carbohydra

What’s Better for Athletic Performance: Carbs or Fat?

We all know adequate nutrition is a big component of athletic performance, particularly for the serious athlete. When it comes to fueling for things like endurance races or high-intensity sports

5 Tips for Building Muscle on a Vegetarian Diet

The goal for every athlete’s training plan is better performance. Whether you run, play a team sport or compete in CrossFit, you probably want enhance your strength and improve your body composi

The Basics of Body Recomposition: Macronutrient Calculations to Lose Fat and...

In my last article, I introduced the topic of body recomposition: the ability to burn fat and gain (lean) muscle at the same time. While body recomposition is difficult, it can be done. In fact,

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