A MAP for Crohn's Disease

In 1913 Scottish surgeon Thomas Kennedy Dalziel proposed that a bacteria called MAP could cause Crohn\'s disease. Could antibiotics help patients with Crohn\'s?Every time I arrive at my doctor’s office

Create a Brighter Tomorrow

A positive vision of your future will keep you going and help you to learn, grow, and persevere. It will help you to boost your immunity to short-term failure and find the silver lining in temporary s

Bringing Feng Shui Home

I had the fortune of experiencing the benefits of feng shui while staying at a hotel in Singapore. Accustomed to running my motor at high speed, I was amazed at the calm I felt. I was certain somethin

This Underappreciated Herb Could Improve Your Memory

Next to public speaking, the fear of developing memory loss or dementia is high on most people\'s list of phobias. While Toastmasters may help you get past the terror of speaking in front of an audienc

Rick Hansen 20 Years Later

The man\'s got charisma. Rick Hansen, who turns 50 in August this year, rolls forward to speak into the microphone, sending the crowd into cheers. The crowd is as loud as any this Man in Motion heard a

Going with the Flow

Watering is one of my least favourite garden chores. In the heat of summer, it is an interminable task, requiring hours of dedication and returning nothing but a day\'s reprieve from the constant threa

Natural Supplements for Children

The vast majority of pediatricians and naturopathic doctors agree that a healthy eating program combined with nutritional and herbal supplements can make a positive difference in all aspects of your c

Biofeedback for Beginners

Biofeedback, also known as physiological feedback, is a treatment technique established through scientific experimentation that helps people improve their health by making use of signals from their ow

One Woman's Dream Becomes Every Child's Right to Play

Play comes naturally to all children. But not all children are able to climb that ladder to the top of the slide, nor can they hold on tightly as the merry-go-round spins.Play comes naturally to all c

Derma E®

You\'re looking for healthy beauty products. Would you choose an expensive fancy jar containing seven-syllable ingredients promising overnight beauty, or would you rather trust a natural product that i

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