What are You Waiting for?

I must have picked up four or five organ donation forms over the years, intending to register myself so that, in the event of sudden death, I could pass on my healthy and living organs to someone who

No More Excuses

To help you find the time, energy, and room within your budget, I\'ve designed a workout that uses minimal equipment, can be performed at home, and takes only 35 to 45 minutes to do. A perfect workout

Back to Normal

One day, out of the blue, Vic’s world went dark and silent. He was rushed to the hospital, where it was determined he’d had a stroke. A second stroke followed on the heels of the first, and when he fi

Bald and Beautiful

Most of us take our hair for granted. Only when we’re faced with losing it do we realize how important it is to our self-esteem. It’s our \"crowning glory\" and we define ourselves by its colour.Most of

Canine Wisdom

One of my best teachers, Jessie, was also one of my best friends. She was with me right up until her 98th year-dog years, that is.One of my best teachers, Jessie, was also one of my best friends. She

Staying Smart 5

Emerging studies suggest that we can boost our brain power by eating a diet rich in complex carbohydrates from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Add curries and green tea, along with omega-3 sourc

Untangling the Yo-Yo

In our age of quick fixes and instant solutions, crash weight-loss plans and fad diets seem almost mandatory. Who wants to wait weeks to see results when magazine covers promise that we can melt fat o

Trans Fat-Free

In the field of natural health, we\'ll probably remember 2007 as the year of trans fat-free - and it\'s about time.In the field of natural health, we’ll probably remember 2007 as the year of trans fat-f

Grape Expectations

Choosing the right wine can seem utterly daunting to the uninitiated. A quick trip to the wine shop can turn into an ordeal as you ponder the immense diversity of choices on offer.Choosing the right w

Good Day, Sunshine!

Have you been playing peek-a-boo with the sun? Reports of a disappearing ozone layer and increasing incidences of skin cancer conflict with concerns about vitamin D deficiencies, making the news on su

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