Turn Hay Fever Into Spring Fever

Deal with a seasonal allergy by following our 10 tips for allergy relief.The arrival of spring heralds an annual rebirth. The softening earth releases the aroma of new life, the days lengthen, and the

A MAP for Crohn's Disease

In 1913 Scottish surgeon Thomas Kennedy Dalziel proposed that a bacteria called MAP could cause Crohn\'s disease. Could antibiotics help patients with Crohn\'s?Every time I arrive at my doctor’s office

No-Meat Noël

It\'s a scene that plays out regularly November through December each year. Guests are coming for the holidays and it turns out that one or more is a vegetarian. You want to serve something appetizing,

Create a Brighter Tomorrow

A positive vision of your future will keep you going and help you to learn, grow, and persevere. It will help you to boost your immunity to short-term failure and find the silver lining in temporary s

Bringing Feng Shui Home

I had the fortune of experiencing the benefits of feng shui while staying at a hotel in Singapore. Accustomed to running my motor at high speed, I was amazed at the calm I felt. I was certain somethin

Biofeedback for Beginners

Biofeedback, also known as physiological feedback, is a treatment technique established through scientific experimentation that helps people improve their health by making use of signals from their ow

Holy Traffic Jam!

Your six-year-old dawdled all morning and now you’re stuck in traffic, late for an important meeting. Your heart pumps, your adrenals churn out that stress-induced villain, cortisol, aided by that dou

The Cycle of Life

Cycling has enormous physical benefits. In a one-hour ride, you can work on strength and endurance, aerobic capacity, balance, and, depending on how many car doors you managed to dodge, agility.Cyclin

Life Makeovers

The editors of alive would like to extend thanks and admiration to our two life makeover superheroes, Rob Klettke and Toni Hadgraft, who endured six months of having their lives turned upside down dur

Good Bugs, Bad Bugs

Not all bugs are bad, and good bugs eat bad bugs. Getting to know the bugs in your garden will help you identify the good guys from the bad guys.Not all bugs are bad, and good bugs eat bad bugs. Getti

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