Not a Life Sentence

AD and other forms of dementia are preventable and quite curable in the first stages. Although AD does follow family lines, genetic predisposition to a health problem doesnâ??t mean that the genes wil

Turn Hay Fever Into Spring Fever

Deal with a seasonal allergy by following our 10 tips for allergy relief.The arrival of spring heralds an annual rebirth. The softening earth releases the aroma of new life, the days lengthen, and the

No-Meat Noël

It\'s a scene that plays out regularly November through December each year. Guests are coming for the holidays and it turns out that one or more is a vegetarian. You want to serve something appetizing,

A MAP for Crohn's Disease

In 1913 Scottish surgeon Thomas Kennedy Dalziel proposed that a bacteria called MAP could cause Crohn\'s disease. Could antibiotics help patients with Crohn\'s?Every time I arrive at my doctor’s office

Create a Brighter Tomorrow

A positive vision of your future will keep you going and help you to learn, grow, and persevere. It will help you to boost your immunity to short-term failure and find the silver lining in temporary s

Bringing Feng Shui Home

I had the fortune of experiencing the benefits of feng shui while staying at a hotel in Singapore. Accustomed to running my motor at high speed, I was amazed at the calm I felt. I was certain somethin

Wheat Grass

Wheat grass is a powerhouse of nutrients and vitamins for the human body, as well. In the form of fresh juice, it has high concentrations of chlorophyll, active enzymes, carotene vitamins, minerals, a

Untangling the Yo-Yo

In our age of quick fixes and instant solutions, crash weight-loss plans and fad diets seem almost mandatory. Who wants to wait weeks to see results when magazine covers promise that we can melt fat o

What are You Waiting for?

I must have picked up four or five organ donation forms over the years, intending to register myself so that, in the event of sudden death, I could pass on my healthy and living organs to someone who

Taming the Holiday "Gimmes

While it is okay to bend the food rules occasionally, there needs to be a balance that sets limits and keeps health in mind. An over-consumption of white sugar and high fat foods is linked to many chi

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