Into the Mystery

More and more women are investigating the mysterious world of alternative menstrual products in an effort to align decisions around their monthly menses with the choices they are making in other areas

Perseverance Pays Off

My lifestyle makeover is coming to a close; the strong foundation laid down over the last seven months will be complete. So how do I feel now?My lifestyle makeover is coming to a close; the strong fou

Widespread, Severe, and Treatable with Pills

If you\'ve flipped through a daily newspaper recently, you may have seen the ad for the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor. Next to a stark image of the tagged toe of a corpse is this question: \"What wo

Staying Smart 5

Emerging studies suggest that we can boost our brain power by eating a diet rich in complex carbohydrates from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Add curries and green tea, along with omega-3 sourc

The Science of Feeling Great

Most people think of their metabolism as affecting their ability to gain or lose weight. But our metabolism also affects mood and the way we feel. The truth of the matter is that we feel our best when

The Cycle of Life

Cycling has enormous physical benefits. In a one-hour ride, you can work on strength and endurance, aerobic capacity, balance, and, depending on how many car doors you managed to dodge, agility.Cyclin

Hormonal Hijinks

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, and Callie hoped she’d be able to catch her mother alone for a few minutes. She was nervous–who wants to ask their mom embarrassing questions about their bodies?It w

Air and Space at the Spa

After five months of driving all over town to be tested by specialists in the field of holistic health, working out at the gym and at home, trying new foods and supplements, and saying farewell to old

Olive the Benefits

You know about olive oil and its growing reputation as a health-giving food, but have you considered the olive leaf? If your only exposure, thus far, to the olive leaf is to dusty illustrations of anc


Not only is melatonin the biological timekeeper for our bodies, responsible for the wake/sleep cycles, but it also has a close relationship with cortisol, our stress hormone. Insomniacs, shift workers

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