Eating à la Italia for Joint Wellness

The Mediterranean diet may \"suppress disease activity in patients who have modestly active rheumatoid arthritis.The Mediterranean diet may “suppress disease activity in patients who have modestly acti

From Confusion to Clarity

Stephen was considering what looked like a fairly straightforward decision-a move from the hustle and bustle of Vancouver to the quiet peace of a spectacular oceanside home on a nearby island. He felt

Essential Oils for Children

With the lazy days of summer coming to an end, children are returning to their busy routines of school, friends, and extra curricular activities. Back at school, children are confined to classrooms fu

Dr. Nigma Sciortino

Her name means starâ??and thatâ??s what she is. Nigma Sciortino brightens the lives of thousands. Just ask the patients she treats, the people who listen to her natural healing advice over the radio,

Platinum Naturals

Three may seem a small number to some. To David Khang, founder and president of Platinum Naturals, three is a prime number; it represents the significant ways in which his company differs from others

David Suzuki

For more than three decades, it has been the primary work of this renowned geneticist to remind us that humans are simply one part of the environment and linked to every species on the planet.For more

Milk Thistle

Hundreds of scientific studies have confirmed that preparations made from the seeds of this prickly plant can substantially protect the liver from damage and help convert foreign substances as well as

Sugar, Obesity, and Depression

In a study of adults with fructose intolerance, reducing dietary fructose resulted in a 65-percent reduction in depression scores in only four weeks. There is mounting evidence that obesity and depres


February is heart month-a lovely time to take responsibility for your lasting wellness and to discover the essentials for a happy heart and functioning blood vessels.February is heart month–a lovely t

The Vitamin E Debate

After its exciting discovery in 1922 as a nutrient essential for successful pregnancies in laboratory rats, vitamin E was used in the 1930s by Dr. Evan Shute, a Canadian obstetrician, to reduce the li

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