Organic Chic

If you think bamboo is for pandas and hemp is for rope, you’ll be surprised at the booming organic clothing industry. It’s great for the environment–and even better for fashion-conscious shoppers.If y

The Elusive Human Papillomavirus

When I finally met my birth family for the first time in 1995, my grandmother said, almost in passing, \"Make sure you keep up to date on your Pap tests-your mother had cervical cancer. Reluctantly, I

Shopping Savvy

We really are lucky to have so many great organic products to choose from today, but we still need to shop with quality and health in mind.As consumers become more aware of the importance of buying or

Alive and Well in 2006

Beauty maintenance can seem like an ongoing melodrama at times. But, as this year\'s beauty articles pointed out, it all comes down to a few basic players. Visit heath food stores to find natural, toxi

Electronic Waste

Dumps in Canada and abroad are piled high with outdated equipment, cables, monitors, and other bulky goods. As if this isn\'t bad enough, some of these items contain chemicals, heavy metals, and plasti

The Cost of Ignorance

First discovered by Canadians in 1979, the glycemic index (GI) is a valid scientific protocol supported by peer-reviewed research. GI information allows us to choose the best foods for good blood suga

Supplementing the 50+

While entering the realm of seniorhood, our risk of many age-related health problems, such as macular degeneration, osteoarthritis, and mental deterioration increases. Here are several supplements tha

Hard Bodies and Beautiful Bodies

Teens are bombarded daily with the message that image is all important. They are looking for the magic pill, a quick fix. TV, film, and popular magazines tell them itâ??s available. Fortunately for th

Keeping an Older Metabolism Young

Let\'s face it - most of us never worry about our metabolisms when we are young. Unfortunately, as we age, our metabolic rates naturally declines. But research indicates that we don\'t have to experienc

21 Days to Crack the Code

Your 10,000 taste buds are replaced every 21 days, but after the age of 40 they are not replaced as efficiently, leaving a person with only about 5,000 taste buds and, unfortunately, a narrower prefer

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