Essential Oils for Children

With the lazy days of summer coming to an end, children are returning to their busy routines of school, friends, and extra curricular activities. Back at school, children are confined to classrooms fu

Keep Your Pets Perky

On warm September afternoons, my friends and I love to meet and catch up at our favourite salad bar. Today the conversation turns to companion animals. Jane mentions that her dog Mandy seems to be dev

Marvellous Sleep, Naturally

Insomnia is a plague in our busy lives. Trouble is that the consequences of sleep deprivation spiral beyond simple fatigue. People who are sleep starved have difficulty remembering and concentrating.

Evergreen Green Bean Salad

This recipe is a delight for kids to make and eat using beans and herbs that are easy to grow in the garden.This recipe is a delight for kids to make and eat using beans and herbs that are easy to gro

Silken Cashew Cream

Rich in taste and texture only, this indispensable nut cream, gently sweetened with brown rice syrup, transforms simple fruits into stylish treats and enlivens puddings, shortcakes, and many other des

Iron Maidens

When my 35-year-old friend May complained of extreme fatigue, I was not surprised. She did look pale and drawn, as you might expect for the mother of a four-month-old baby and three older children.Whe

Happiness Equals Success

Does success bring us happiness or is it the other way around? In this chicken or egg debate, we often hear that success hatches happiness. The research revealed that happy people are more successful

The Cost of Ignorance

First discovered by Canadians in 1979, the glycemic index (GI) is a valid scientific protocol supported by peer-reviewed research. GI information allows us to choose the best foods for good blood suga


An hour gazing out on the water that separates their North Vancouver restaurant from the architectural horizon of Vancouver’s core is enough to convince anyone with a romantic ear that Quattro is a fa

Sugar, Obesity, and Depression

In a study of adults with fructose intolerance, reducing dietary fructose resulted in a 65-percent reduction in depression scores in only four weeks. There is mounting evidence that obesity and depres

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