Living the Simple Life

Simplicity can be bliss. Find out how to cut back on unnecessary stress and dedicate more time to the things that make you happy. Do you forever feel like you’re too busy? All too often, weekends are

10-minute hacks to keep you balanced over the holidays

Who has the time to work out or the willpower to resist extra calories over the holidays? With surprising tools like ice cube trays and your favourite song—and in just 10 minutes—you can stay balanced

A Sneak Peek into alive Listens

Are you considering joining alive Listens, our exclusive online community? It’s your lucky day - we’re giving you a sneak peek inside.Are you considering joining alive Listens, our exclusive online co

Join alive Listens to Connect, Share, and Win

Join the conversation as we shape the future of natural health.alive Listens is our exclusive community for natural health enthusiasts to share their thoughts on topics like zero-waste living and CBD

DIY Bar Soap

This Mother\'s Day, give mom an innovative gift that will both pamper and entertain. Making DIY soap is a fun bonding activity with endless options for customization. Find out how you can start blendin

No Slouching as You Read This: May is Correct Posture Month!

Are you hunching over your computer or smartphone screen as you read this? Sit up straight - May is Correct Posture Month!Are you guilty of hunching over your computer or smartphone screen, perhaps ev

Wildlife Wednesday: Grey Wolf

They may look a bit like a husky, but these powerful predators are a far cry from their domesticated cousins.They may look quite a bit like a German shepherd or a husky, but these powerful predators a

Is Binge-Watching the New Normal?

Binge-watching our favourite shows has been made possible by media services such as Netflix. But does too much time spent binge-watching affect your health?“Are you still watching House of Cards?” Thi

Exercise your love of nature

Research findings show there are benefits to mental and physical well-being from exercising outdoors in a natural environment over exercising indoors.As anyone who shuns gym workouts for exercise in t

Coffee, tea, or…Disinsection?

If you have a flight coming up, you might get more than juice and a movie. Disinsection is the term used to describe the spraying of aircraft with insecticide.If you have a long-haul flight coming up,

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