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Studying with Joyful Intention

Children have a natural curiosity. They’re built to learn. So, even during challenging—pandemic—times, we can help them create the right conditions for, and remove obvious obstacles from, getting the

In Good Shape

Gone are the days of brightly colored, cheaply made spandex leotards, sweatbands, and scrunchies that our mothers used to pull out of the closet for Jazzercise class twice a week. Athletic wear is now

Unstoppable Youth

The youth of Canada are made of resilience, passion, creativity, and generosity. Here are the stories of youths who, despite the challenges of the past year, have started exciting initiatives—and how

alive's July 2021 Challenge: Let Go Each Day

Hey there, are there any harmful habits or damaging distractions that are weighing you down? Maybe you scroll obsessively through Instagram. Or feel like you *need* a glass of wine each evening to win

Rachelle Girardin is Beyond Nourished

“I love taking care of people!” exclaims Rachelle Girardin. This busy Vancouver-based personal chef, instructor, holistic nutritionist, and entrepreneur recently took some time to chat with alive abou

Grow Your Sustainable and Organic Gardening Knowledge

What are the factors that contribute to a sustainable garden? If you’re avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, that’s a great start. But gardening sustainably goes far beyond this by

Why You Should Replace Toxic Positivity with Emotional Agility

Are you guilty of toxic positivity? The world changed dramatically in 2020, and many of us fought to remain positive and hopeful during these trying times. If you always try to look on the bright side

These Diets are Still Popular in 2021

Many of us want to shift our focus to lighter foods and healthier eating habits. But with so many dietary options to choose from, where’s a person to start? To help select the best diet for you, here’

10 Simple Ways to Eat More Fiber Every Day

Fiber offers your body a wide range of benefits, including lowering blood pressure, supporting weight management, keeping bowels regular, and reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some can

Wisdom of the Heart

In the early 1990s, Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence (Bantam, 2005), came onto the scene. While his was not the first research to explore the inner workings of our emotional lives, it was

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