Pumpkin Power


Pumpkin Cashew Coconut Curry

Pumpkins are so much more than Halloween decorations or Thanksgiving pies. These pumpkin recipes will introduce you to the famous squash\’s savoury possibilities.

The quintessential autumn squash is the pumpkin—dotting farmers’ patches with beautiful orange hues and lining porches as jack-o’-lanterns on Halloween. But on our menus, pumpkins are mostly relegated to pies and the occasional muffin­—and for coffee lovers, the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Nutritious and affordable

Pumpkin has so much more to offer, especially as a savoury dish. The deep orange flesh is packed with antioxidant vitamin A (1 cup/250 mL cooked has more than 200 percent of your daily needs) and is high in potassium. It’s also low in calories but high in fibre. Plus, pumpkin has a low glycemic load for a starchy vegetable, meaning it does not raise your blood sugar rapidly. When in season, pumpkin is also very affordable and locally grown.

Packed with super seeds

Pumpkin seeds and their oils are also packed with goodness. They are a fantastic source of zinc, an essential nutrient for our immune system. The seeds are also a good source of protein and fibre, as well as minerals such as manganese, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, and iron.

The seeds we consume and cook with year-round are from pumpkin species that aren’t commonly grown here in Canada, as you well know if you’ve ever scooped the white seeds out of sugar or carving pumpkins. White seeds have the hull, whereas dark green seeds come from pumpkins with hull-less seeds. The latter are sometimes known as Styrian pumpkin seeds in Mediterranean regions or pepitas, a Spanish culinary term.

We\’ve incorporated the nutritional goodness and autumn-pleasing flavour of pumpkin into these pumpkin recipes. Enjoy!


  • Pumpkin Cashew Coconut Curry
  • Pumpkin Seed, Citrus, and Cilantro Dip
  • Grilled Pumpkin with Mexican Cheese Sauce
  • Pumpkin Seed and Arugula Salad


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