5 Awesome Reasons to Join alive Listens


5 Awesome Reasons to Join alive Listens

Why join alive Listens, our exclusive online community? We’ll share the top 5 reasons!

Have you heard about our exclusive online community alive Listens? Maybe you’ve considered joining, or perhaps you’re new to the idea. Regardless, here are five BIG reasons you’ll want to sign up today.

Reason 1: To share your thoughts with us

Do you love reading alive articles? Maybe you’ve even sent a letter to our editor in the past. Now, there’s never been an easier way to share your thoughts with us on a regular basis—what you love, what you’re not crazy about, and the amazing ideas we know you have. We’ll even ask for your feedback on some ideas we’re considering.

For example, you may be asked to:

  • give us feedback about past article topics, magazine covers, and advertising campaigns
  • tell us what you think about potential future article topics, magazine covers, and advertising campaigns
  • share information about your purchasing habits and preferences

After all, we’re all about you, the reader, and we’re listening to what you have to say! It’s even in the name: alive Listens.

Reason 2: You love natural health

Your input will help us create content that you want to see, therefore influencing the content and direction of alive. But this is also bigger than us—this will help shape the natural health industry as a whole.

That’s because alive has always been a major player in the natural health industry: starting trends, and sharing cutting edge health information before it becomes mainstream common knowledge. Why not add your voice to the conversation?

Reason 3: You could win!

Not only will you be able to connect directly with alive, but you’ll also have the opportunity to win prizes. Each month, we’ll give away three Visa Gift cardsworth a total of $200. But it doesn’t stop there. We also offer new and exciting perks, so stay tuned!

Reason 4: There’s always something new going on

As an alive Listens adviser, you’ll be invited to participate in one to two online surveys per month about natural health topics. But that’s not all—we’ve also got regularly changing Quick Polls on the online portal.

Reason 5: You get access to exclusive content and privileged information

That information you’ll be sharing with us? We share it right back with you in our alive Listens newsletters.

These aren’t our regular eNewsletters—these are sent exclusively to our alive Listens members, sharing some of the stats and feedback you’ve given us. Not only does it continue the conversation with our privileged alive VIPs, but it also gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re up to.

Ready to sign up?

We hope so! If you’d like to join, share a bit about yourself in this short welcome survey—just click here to get started.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


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