Pumpkin Recycling


Pumpkin Recycling

Jack-o’-lanterns are everywhere this time of year. But what do you do with them once Halloween is over?

Now that jack-o’-lantern time is over, what do you do with those giant creepy faces?

Turn them into charming bird feeders

Pumpkin seeds may seem like the obvious choice to put out for the birds, but they will also love the pumpkin flesh that is left over inside your carved offerings.

Try slicing pumpkins horizontally and using the “bowl” as a container for nuts, seeds, and even mealworms.

With the leftover scraps, bore a hole in the top corner and use garden twine to string them up to trees in your garden. Birds will enjoy the flesh and some will even eat the pumpkin skins.

Show the squirrels some love

Squirrels also love to eat leftover pumpkin. But, beware! If you suspect that it has begun to ferment, squirrels can become drunk. This, of course, can be dangerous and you should move on to our next tip if you think you may have been causing some furry drinking problems.

Don’t forget the worms

Bury it in the ground. Worms love the soft flesh of pumpkins! Burying it also keeps any smells below ground, keeps unwanted bugs away, and keeps your soil happily full of nutrients before next year’s planting season. Needless to say, make sure to remove any candles, wax, or foil beforehand.


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