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This year marks the 10th anniversary of CanPrev Natural Health Products. Based in Toronto, this all-Canadian company has certainly made its mark on the natural health industry in a very short time.
Tanya Salituro, founder and three-time cancer survivor, had a vision that one day consumers could become more proactive about their health care needs. Over the years, CanPrev has gained a stellar reputation among natural health care practitioners and customers alike.
Here’s a glimpse into CanPrev’s history in Tanya’s own words.
How did you get the idea to start the company, and what motivated you to put your vision into motion? 
When I opted not to take chemotherapy at the age of 21, I decided to seek out natural alternatives. What I found on the market sported confusing claims and were of dubious quality. They weren’t effective, either—I found that I had to take dozens of different combinations of vitamins and micronutrients just to see a minimal effect.
Creating a line of condition-based formulas, with therapeutic doses of each ingredient, seemed necessary. So eventually, I founded CanPrev, with the motto “You can prevent” and a mission to create effective, science-based, quality products for Canadians.
How have your customers and their CanPrev experiences shaped how the company has grown?
We are especially grateful to naturopathic doctors with clinics and other natural practitioners, who regularly give us practical feedback on how they use our products, and fresh ideas as well. We’ve really benefited from this partnership and enjoy supporting and helping students of natural health.
Can you think of any testimonials from people you’ve helped with your products?
Well, I won’t forget the woman who, after six weeks of supplementing with a formula designed to regulate estrogen levels, called in—she was thrilled that her baseball-sized ovarian cyst shrank enough to cancel surgery.
But I think it is the everyday victories that are the sweetest—a naturopathic doctor who broke a child’s fever with our immune-boosting treatments; the gentleman who, because of one of our supplements, called in to thank us for the best sleep he’s gotten after years of insomnia; and a high-powered lawyer who turned around his chronic fatigue and burnout with the help of one of our adaptogen combinations.
What are some of your personal highlights?
Besides the encouraging testimonials we receive, I’m very excited about working with other organizations, such as the Yonge Street Mission and Naturopaths Without Borders, to help bring nutrition and natural health to families in need, both locally and abroad.
Have there been days when you’ve thought about how far you’ve come? 
After surviving three breast cancer diagnoses, it is somewhat overwhelming and strikes awe into my heart when I see how the company has grown and helped so many Canadians. My prayers have been answered beyond what I could have imagined.
What are your hopes and plans for the next 10 years?
We hope to continue blessing others with better health and brighter futures.


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