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On the LA Weight Loss plan, you'll reduce fat and sugar intake while eating more fruits and veggies.\”On the LA Weight Loss plan, you'll reduce fat and sugar intake while eating more fruits and veggies.\”On the LA Weight Loss plan, you\’ll reduce fat and sugar intake while eating more fruits and veggies.iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Losing weight is an admirable goal. In fact, statistics show that anywhere from 75 to 85 percent of the U.S. population alone needs to drop some pounds in order to shed the unhealthy distinction of being overweight or obese. So, the question probably isn\’t whether you should [url=\’399221\’]lose weight[/url] — it\’s how to go about it [source: Fuhrman].

Joining a weight-loss program allows you to address your weaknesses, whether they\’re willpower, lack of nutritional knowledge or planning. But since each system is different, it\’s important to determine if a particular [url=\’152954\’]weight-loss plan[/url] aligns with what you need.

LA Weight Loss is a popular program that can boast positive results, but it\’s also been the subject of criticism and scrutiny. Before you spend a dollar or burn a calorie, we\’ll give you the skinny on the plan and the odds of you reaching your goal with LA Weight Loss.

Benefits of LA Weight Loss

The LA Weight Loss system is based on the principles of teaching you how to eat a healthy diet — which reduces [url=\’551908\’]fat[/url] and [url=\’551913\’]sugar[/url] intake while increasing consumption of fruits and veggies — calorie restriction and maintaining that lifestyle on a long-term basis. The initial phase is heavy in protein but not to the extreme seen in programs like [b]Atkins.[/b] Phase two gives you more food choices while phase three is highlighted by perhaps one of the system\’s most distinguishing components: counselors who you talk to three times a week, either by phone or in person. For the guy or gal who needs an accountability partner, this can be a difference maker. You receive encouragement, guidance and insights as you pursue your weight loss goals.

There are no shortages of people who claim to have lost unwanted pounds on LA Weight Loss. But there are also many who have voiced displeasure with the system and have been vocal in their opposition to the business model on which LA Weight Loss is based [sources: People;].

And that business model may have a direct impact on whether you choose to pursue the program.

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

A pound of food is a pound of food, right? Your body doesn\’t see it that way. Consider: One pound of green vegetables contains approximately 100 calories while 1 pound of fruit is closer to 250 calories. But if you decide, instead, to eat 1 pound of french fries, you\’ll be consuming approximately 2,600 calories [source: Fuhrman].

Drawbacks and Risks of LA Weight Loss

There is no magic pill involved with LA Weight Loss, which filed for bankruptcy in 2008 before emerging smaller and more streamlined. If you follow your personal counselor\’s instructions and adhere to the tailor-made diet, you\’ll likely [url=\’399221\’]lose weight[/url]. Unfortunately you\’ll also lose a chunk of cash, ranging from several hundred dollars to more than $1,000. The price — which has to be paid up-front — depends on how much weight you want to lose [sources: [url=\’\’]Clark[/url]; [url=\’\’]Myers[/url]].

In addition, those weight loss counselors are also sales staffers who are working, at least in part, on commission. They\’re not certified dieticians or nutritionists. Past clients have reported being strongly encouraged to buy nutrition bars and drinks that are not vital to the program but do add additional costs. The conflict of interest inherent with a counselor who is also dependent on a sale, is a deal-breaker for some people interested in losing weight [sources: Clark; Myers].

Limited information, much of it generic, is offered through the company Web site, which ensures that you\’ll need to contact LA Weight Loss directly when you\’ll be pitched on the product. If you have the money and need a reasonable weight-loss plan with built-in accountability, it may be worth considering. Those who are on a tight budget but are highly self-disciplined may decide they can research [url=\’559149\’]healthy eating[/url] habits and make the necessary changes on their own.

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You Big Sweetie

People have been getting their thirst-quenching sugar fix from sodas for approximately a century. But the size of those individual cans and bottles has grown dramatically. In 1915, a glass bottle of Coca-Cola contained 6.5 ounces (184 grams) of the popular beverage. In 1955, the standard bottle became 10 ounces (283.5 grams). By 1960 it was 15 ounces (425.2 grams) and in 1992, a plastic Coke bottle was filled with 20 ounces (567 grams) of sugary goodness. Drink one of those a day and it\’ll account for approximately 26 pounds of weight gain in a year [source: Lustig].

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