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alive's October 2021 Challenge: Make Time for Self-Care

Hey there, let’s say you’ve got a long weekend coming up. How will you fill that extra time? a) Catch up on chores b) Plan something exciting for the kids c) Spend time with an aging parent or relativ

10 Causes of Hypertension

High blood pressure is known as hypertension, and it can play a role in the hardening of your arteries and increase your risk of stroke, kidney disease, heart failure, and eye problems. While the exac

Kind Is Beautiful

Even before COVID, a Statistics Canada survey reported that as many as 1.4 million elderly Canadians reported feeling lonely. COVID has only exacerbated this issue. But increased isolation is just one

Everyday Strategies to Help Treat Depression

Depression can cause you to feel sad, helpless, and hopeless for long periods of time. It can also come with physical symptoms like insomnia, pain, and lack of energy, and keep you from living your no

Balancing Out

Photo Credit: Hanh Nguyen When we’re ready to start (or grow) our families, we might expect to conceive right away, but that doesn’t always happen. Around 12 percent of US women 15 to 44 years struggl

alive's September 2021 Challenge: Shop Local

Hey there, we encourage you to shop small and local this month (and, you know, always!). It makes a BIG difference in your community. Need to stock up on immunity supplements before the back-to-school

Be a Fitness Role Model for Your Children’s Future Health

Exercise—it’s not just for adults! Regular physical activity offers a world of benefits for children, but three out of five Canadian kids and teens don’t get enough exercise. Become a fitness role mod

How to Reconnect with Nature Through Seasonal Living

Since the onset of the pandemic, many of us have made jokes about not remembering what month or season it is. The truth is that many of us have been disconnected from our natural world for much longer

Mental Health and COVID-19: Finding Your Calm In The Storm

With a pandemic, social unrest, political divisiveness, and environmental disasters dominating headlines, we all want to find the shred of good news buried in our newsfeeds. But logging in every day t

Eat To Beat Diabetes

They say that food can be the most powerful form of medicine—and that’s definitely accurate when it comes to managing blood sugar and diabetes. Piles of research have shown that what you eat plays a b

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